2014 O’Brien Nomad Wakeboard Boot

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The O’Brien Nomad, one of their longest standing models, takes some of the best advancements in boot technology, then jams them into the one boot. Having a cantered baseplate and arch support, provide the maximum support for your foot out of any brand, while the liner allows for plenty of comfort

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Product Info

The 2014 O’Brien Nomad is designed around being the most reliable boot in their range. Featuring the maximum amount of technology O’Brien have at their disposal, the Nomad features a single panel upper, integrated ankle strap and an ultralight liner, to allow for extra weightlessness and breathability, while remaining comfortable and maintaining flex. Combined with a cantered chassis and power arch, the Nomad provides support through the ankle and under your foot on harder landings.

Additional Information

Boot Flex


Key Features

  • Soft / Medium Flex Pattern.
  • Dual Lace Zoning
  • Intergated TPU Ankle Strap
  • Ultralight Liner
  • Single Panel Upper
  • 2.5° Cantered Chassis
  • Power Arch
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