2015 Hyperlite Milkcart Wakeboard

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Not only does the ‘Milkcart’ come equipped with a fully machined flex-core and a super tractable continuous rocker, also added to the long list of features is the ability to get the ‘OK’ from the old ball and chain! Simply offer to go and grab the ‘milk’, then come home with this weapon! She didn’t say no!

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Product Info

The 2015 Hyperlite Milkcart, is the continuation of Hyperlite’s own Nick Davies pro model, with a continuous rocker, to provide plenty of boot wether it’s off a kicker or a wake depending on what mood your in. This rocker is then combined with plenty of features such as its fully machined flex core, to help the board last longer after those long days at the cable park and  keep the shape of the board solid, as well as tip and tail base channels to help channel water flow. Mixed in with ABS capping construction for a more durable construction, thrown in with Hyperlite’s sintered enduro base so you don’t damage your board on sliders, the Milkcart is Hyperlite’s new toy that will work everywhere and with a UV clear finish will always look good!

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Key Features

  • Continuous Rocker for plenty of boot off the wake
  • Fully Machined Crossover SL Flex Core for softness and durability
  • ABS Cap Construction for a more durable construction
  • Tri-Ax Glass for better flex positioning
  • Tip to Tail Base Channels for water flow to your fins
  • UV Clear Finish
  • Sintered Enduro Base
  • 0.8″ SS Beam Fins
  • Riding Ability: Intermediate/Advanced
SizeWeight Range
136cmUp to 76Kgs
141cm73Kgs and Up


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