2016 Hyperlite State Yellow 2.0 Wakeboard

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The Hyperlite State 2.0 is the second iteration of Hyperlite’s asymmetrical beginner board. Would you believe it, was it the 2.0 that gave it away? This second phase now makes toe side edging even easier than ever before, with both toeside and heel side jumps now just a simple edge away

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Product Info

The 2016 Hyperlite State 2.0 takes the change from last season and runs with it, taking the beginners style board to the next level. With a mixture of a subtle 3-stage rocker for a nice  and even pop off the top of the wake, and a mound of features on the toe side edge, such as moulded in footbed risers and longer molded toeside fins, makes the State one of the easiest and most forgiving boards to learn on, and gain total control and stability over both of your edges. Designed to help you build confidence, and learn your technique, Hyperlite have also given the State specific toeside and heel side edges, to make it even easier to develop your wake tricks and making toe side jumps even easier than before, now the State 2.0 more than ever will get you off the bank and onto the water.


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Key Features

  • Subtle 3-Stage Rocker for a smooth pop off the top of the wake
  • Toeside and Heelside Specific Edges for easier cuts
  • Molded-in Toe Side Footbed Risers
  • Longer Molded-in Toeside Fin
  • Monocoque Construction for a stronger board
  • 1.3″ Disorder Centre Fin
  • Riding Ability: Beginner
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