2016 Ronix One ATR Wakeboard

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When Danny Harf went across from Hyperlite to a new start-up Ronix and bought into the new era of wakeboarding, he helped to develop the One board, simply because in his opinion is the One. Now 10 years on, it has almost proved that fact. Being one of the fastest and explosive boards on the market allowing smooth transitions wake to wake or big floaty landings out into the flats

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Product Info

The 2016 Ronix One ATR Carbon see’s the 10th iteration of Danny Harf’s iconic One board, that if we wind the clock back took the wakeboard world by storm, with an all new shape last year, the message has always remained the same. With the help of Danny Harf, the One ATR was based around the idea of creating a board that rode smooth while retaining a snappy pop off the wake. Now Designed thinner and with polyurethane sidewalls the Ronix One ATR is not only faster across the top of the water but has less swing wight. Along with these features Ronix boast a highly developed base construction with the One ATR having a sintered base as well as reduced rocker line height, allowing the board to have one of the fastest and most responsive bases on the market. If your a rider who wants to truly develop your skills, ride faster, and go bigger the Ronix One ATR will take you to the next level in wakeboarding

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Key Features

  • ATR Carbon Core for extra snap
  • Poured Urethane Sidewalls for greater top water speed
  • Deep side channels for fins giving the board an easy release of the wake
  • Reduced Rockerline height for greater forward momentum
  • 30% Thinner Profile for less swing weight
  • Sintered Base
  • Optional 1.0″ ramp fins and 0.8″ utility fins
  • Riding Ability: Intermediate/Advanced
SizeArea (inches squared)Weight Range
134770Up to 75Kgs
138804Up to 82Kgs
14283677Kgs and up
14686080Kgs and up


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