2017 Ronix Code-21 w’ District Boots


2017 Ronix Code-21 Wakeboard

Been trying to crack the code to the perfect wakeboard? Your not the only one's, but Ronix think they've finally got it, Cue the Code-21, all the toolings of the crazily successful Code-22 trimmed down with a Modello Core. If you like explosive and aggressive, you've found the right board


2017 Ronix District Wakeboard

Enter the District of wakeboarding awesomeness, shaped by Ronix to be the perfect blend of ease and technology. Designed simple and forgiving enough for almost anyone to ride, but adding tech features to provide maximum edge hold and consistent arounts of pop, for one of the smoothest rides

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Product Info

The Ronix Code-21 took the industry by storm, with its old school aggressive feel, without breaking the bank, thanks to  the more durable Ronix Modello Core. Taking after the One range with a late aggressive 3-stage rocker for the most explosive pop in Ronix’s range, the Code-21 utilises Ronix’s most durable and longstanding core, the model core, so the Code-21 will respond in the same explosive manner day after day. On top of it’s durable core design the Code-21 makes use of a variable rail allowing it to feel floaty, but still maintaining a high level off response through to the wake. All these features are topped off with a sintered base so regardless of your vice, you are set up to hit either the boat or cable park.

The 2017 Ronix District boot continues as the mid level open toe design from Ronix, accommodating for multiple foot sizes. Coming with a stage 2 foam liner, and a 3D moulded tongue, it continues to provide plenty of response and support, while remaining comfortable. Combined with built-in j-bars and an articulated cuff, will allow the District boot to flex freely while providing plenty of heel lock to provide extra response.

Additional Information

2017 Ronix Code-21 Wakeboard

Wakeboard Style


Wakeboard Rocker




2017 Ronix District Wakeboard

Wakeboard Style


Wakeboard Rocker





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Key Features

Wakeboard Features:

    • Late Aggressive 3-Stage Rocker for explosive pop


    • Modello Core for the most durable core around


    • Vertical Sidewall for better glide speed


    • Variable Rail for a floaty feel while still retaining response


    • Sintered Base


    • Thin Profile


    • Optional 1.0″ or 0.8″ fins


    • Riding Ability: Intermediate/Advanced

Boot Features:

    • Stage 2 Foam Liner


    • 3D Molded Tongue


    • Built in J-Bars


    • Stitch Lines stop delamination


    • Articulating Cuff


    • Low Friction Eyelets


    • Dual Lace System


SizeArea (inches squared)Weight Range
134772Up to 77Kgs
139805Up to 84Kgs
14383280Kgs and up


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