2017 HO FreeMax Waterski Boot

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When HO divided their range into segments, they did the same with their bindings, providing the FreeMax for their free skiing range, it is the perfect boot built for comfort and freedom, allowing for plenty of softness around the ankle for big laid out turns.

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Product Info

The HO FreeMax is back after a successful year last year with the use of the new Direct Connect system, changing the way we ski forever the FreeMax continues to be a pinnacle of the range. Being HO’s entry level end open toe ski boot it comes with all of HO’s key features in a toned down scale, the FreeMax utilises the Direct Connect system, so you no longer need to worry about front and rear boots, but you now have the advantage of a TruFit last so you will have a perfect fitting boot the minute it leaves the box. This last combined with the new marshmallow foam inner and power laces for maximum comfort and the ultimate support, providing any skier with a comfortable ski boot of any level skier.

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Key Features

  • Direct Connect System, HO’s Newest and easiest boot system
  • TruFit Last for the perfect fit straight out of the box
  • Marshmallow Foam for one of the softest all round fits
  • Taller Cuff Height for added support and control
  • Power Bungee Laces for the feel of a classic rubber boot with unparalleled support
  • Power Lace Management for no loose laces
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