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2020 Slingshot Contrast w/ Jewel Boots


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The Slingshot Contrast is the all-terrain model that gives you the perfect split for when you can't decide if riding cable is your thing or if you want to get out behind the boat. Built on a 3-Stage rocker the Contrast gives you plenty of explosiveness off the wake and power off kickers. A stiffer belly and softer tips and tails, give you the platform to pop off any obstacle, that also allows you to press into obstacles with ease. Adding to this is a base channel to help direct and drive you through to the wake, while a vertically laminated wood core gives plenty of energy and the addition of softening and dampening features. Finishing the Contrast is the Fusion sidewall and Ballistic Base so your edges can absorb any hit and your base will stand up to anything from sliders to airport baggage handlers.

The Slingshot Jewel is the perfect ladies hybrid boot for Slingshot, if you still feel more comfortable with a traditional style boot, but want Slingshot's signature comfort then the Jewel is for you. With a hybrid lacing system of an upper gummy strap and lace bottom, you can still lace in quick and easy over your foot, but lock your upper cuff with the TPU strap. For fit the Jewel is built on support and comfort. Heel Hold Down ankle bars and a fitted chassis, make sure your foot is locked into place. Direct connect soles provide a mix of comfort underfoot and enhanced response. With your footbed connecting directly to the board it reduces response time and provides greater feel.

Wakeboard Features

Rocker Line

  • 3-Stage Rocker - The rocker to give you the explosive kick off the wake without losing any speed, launching you to the stars and back

Board Flex

  • Energy Rating(1=Delayed/Stored Energy, 10=Instant Explosiveness) - 7/10
  • Flex Rating(1=Soft, 10=Stiff) – 5/10

Core Construction

  • Vertically Laminated Wood Core - A full wood core that is vertically laminated, maximising the run of the grain to create its own personality of flex. This allows for an explosive energy under your feet, maximising rebound off features and wake alike for more pop, while maintaining softness on landings


  • Fusion Sidewall - A single poured urethane sidewall and cured directly into the core, creating an impact absorbing, rail killer of an edge


  • Monocoque Construction - An outer glass wrap from the bottom to the top so the flash line is switched out as the weakest point fo the board, to the strongest. It is also renowned as the most durable construction in wakeboarding
  • Layered Bi-Axial Glass - Making sure your board doesn't soften over the years, layered fibreglass will help to keep you poppin'


  • Flex Tips - Softer Tip and Tail so you can get nice and deep into those presses on any slider
  • Narrow Outline - Making sure you can get to where you want in an instant


  • .7mm Ballistic Base - A sintered grind base that will hold up to any rigours that you can throw at it. anything.


  • 4 x 0.75" Fins

Other Features:

  • Carbon Bedrock Inserts
  • Hand Built in the USA

Rider Level

  • Riding Ability: Intermediate

Board Sizing

(134cm) - Up to 69Kgs

(138cm) - Up to 78Kgs

(142cm) - Up to 86Kgs


  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

              Boot Features


              • Mid Flex


              • Jewel Liner - Comfort, support and a customizable fit in one tidy bundle

              Liner & Lacing

              • Gummy Straps - Thermoplastic Polyurethane straps allow you to cinch your boots as tight as you want, so your always locked into your boot
              • Lower Lacing - Because laces are still quick, easy and foolproof
              • HHD - Heel Hold Down J-bars and chassis make sure your foot is locked in and always kept exactly where they should be. In your boot.


              • Ultralite K9 Mounting System - A smaller footprint mounting system, eliminates heel and toe lift by providing less plate to flex, meaning your boot is overall lighter and stronger
              • Direct Connect Soles - The sole of your liner sitting directly on your board, shrinks the footprint of the boot, as well as maximising feel, reaction time and natural response of the board

              Additional Features

              • Additional Gummy Straps


              • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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                      2020 Slingshot Contrast w/ Jewel Boots

                      2020 Slingshot Contrast w/ Jewel Boots