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2021 Hyperlite Lunchtray Wakeboard


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The Hyperlite Lunchtray is the cable weapon that will quickly be a fan favourite, and as its name alludes to, it will provide everything you want... all served up on a Lunchtray. Combined with the articulated tip/tail design, the Air Stick core is an unparalleled core construction of Paulownia Wood with tip and tail sections removed into a "lunch tray" style tip/tail. This allows the board to have the ultimate flex in any press while keeping the guts of the board stiff. Adding a carbon layer for torsional stiffness across the centre of the board, then layered fibreglass laminates will keep your board poppy throughout its entire life. The base has an hourglass tunnel and arced rails, ensuring you have the maximum edge hold to get to any feature with ease and soften the landings. Finally, for toughness, the Lunchtray is capped off with a Urethane sidewall, and industry-standard sintered enduro base, so from slider to edge hits, the cable park will be your cafeteria.

Rocker Line

  • Abrupt Continuous Rocker – When you want that late rampy boost off the wake, an abrupt continuous rocker helps to provide. With its late pulled curve, it won't only release that stored energy late but also allow the board to continue carrying speed.

Board Flex

  • Energy Rating(1=Delayed/Stored Energy, 10=Instant Explosiveness) - 2/10
  • Flex Rating(1=Soft, 10=Stiff) – 7/10
  • Articulated Tip and Tail Flex - The "Lunchtray" tip/tail design mixed with the Aircore zoning thins out the area and gives the ends of the board a designated flex area

Core Construction

  • Woodlite Core - Made from one of the earth's most renewable sources, trees. Paulownia wood is the snowboard-influenced core that gives a snappy, lively feel and offers plenty of flex to press right into those rails.
  • Air Stick Core - Sticks of Air specifically removed from the tip and tail, where they are no longer needed, creating a lighter board with less swing weight
  • Carbon Torsion Layer - A carbon layer added to reduce torsional flex and add a higher level of responsiveness out of the board


  • Urethane Sidewalls - A single poured urethane sidewall designed to absorb even the worst impact, making sure you can ride without the worry of hits and delams
  • 10 Degree Beveled Edge - Provides smooth transitions into an edge and added forgiveness


  • Layered Tri-Axial Glass – Making sure your board doesn’t soften over the years, 3 way strung layered fibreglass will help keep you poppin’ without sacrificing flex where you want it.


  • Sintered Enduro Base - Don't get caught out with a damaged base. Hyperlite's Sintered Enduro base makes sure your base features stay featured season after season without wear.
  • Hourglass Base Tunnel - Allows for softer landings when coming off kickers, doubling to give plenty of control and lock onto features and slider.
  • Arced Base Channel - Gives the ultimate edge control so you can get all the power you need into any feature.


  • No Fins – This baby is designed for the full cable experience

Rider Level

  • Riding Ability: Intermediate/Advanced

Board Sizing

(139cm) -  Up to 80Kgs

(143cm) -  72Kgs and Up


  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Warranty is void as soon as an obstacle is hit
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2021 Hyperlite Lunchtray Wakeboard

2021 Hyperlite Lunchtray Wakeboard