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Liquid Force Pod Foil w/ Pod Foil Set


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The Liquid Force Pod Foil is the perfect hybrid demon for behind your boat, designed to double as a wakesurfer as well as a wild foil built for performance. Taking the 4'4" Pod wakesurfer as the starting point Liquid Force have added the ability to attach a foil through its track system. This allows a range of spots so from beginner through to experienced rider, you can suit it to any need. With Glider 125 Carbon Wings, the biggest in the Liquid Force range, you will be able to get your carves up to the second and third wakes back and pump for days. Finally a 27" forged aluminium performance mast brings it all together, giving you plenty of ride height to work with.

Level: Intermediate


Materials & Construction

  • EPS Foam Core -  A lightweight core that makes getting the board out of the water for super easy spins
  • Dura-Shell Construction - A lightweight, durable outer construction that no matter how hard you surf it, throw down, chuck it, you shouldn't damage it


  • Fast Rockerline - Gives a stable profile so you can get all the power out of your surf with minimal effort
  • Pod Shaping - A wider profile that generates large amounts of speed in an easy to throw around design


  • Single to Double Concave Hull - Smooth channeled water flow to support edge flow, and if you do jump this bad boy it will soften the last little bit of the landings that the size doesn't


  • Rounded Surf Rail - A super smooth and floaty rail, giving that traditional surfboard feel

Other Features

  • Multi Zoned Grooved EVA Front and Rear Pads


  • 2x S Side 3.4" Fins
  • 2x Stubbie Trailer Fins 2" Fins


    Mast Details


    • Length - 27"


    • Aluminium

    Additional Info

    • 20cm Reinforcement Block
    • Forged Aluminium Mast Collar

    Glider 125 Foil Wing Details


    • Front Wing Surface Area – 1250 cm²
    • Rear Wing Surface Area – 370 cm²
    • Aspect Ratio – 3.86
    • Wing Span – 702mm
    • Chord Length – 217.4mm


    • Carbon Fiber

    Additional Info

    • Aluminum Standard Fuselage
    • Padded Wing Covers
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    Liquid Force Pod Foil w/ Pod Foil Set

    Liquid Force Pod Foil w/ Pod Foil Set