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2021 Ronix Weekend Wakeboard


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The Ronix Weekend is the perfect board for you if you want all the aggression and feel of a Darkside but with an easy, mellow core construction. Built on the foundation of a mod pour foam core, a super durable and lightweight PU core then wrapped in Ronix's magic carpet blend to create a solid hold between the board and top fibreglass layer. Combined with a 3-stage rocker, it also creates the most explosive vertical pop any Ronix board has ever had, while deep edge channels make sure you get to the wake with speed. Finally, the rail has been tuned down to a sharp tip to tail rail, making sure the cut to the wake is like a knife through butter, smooth a precise, making sure you have your best Weekends.

Rocker Line

  • Aggressive 3-Stage Rocker – A late Aggressive 3-stage rocker has a maximised flat spot in the centre and a pronounced kick outside the bindings, keeping the board fast while maximising vertical pop for an early explosive kick off the wake.

Board Flex

  • Energy Rating(1=Delayed/Stored Energy, 10=Instant Explosiveness) - 6/10

Core Construction

  • MOD Pour Foam – When you want strength to weight ratio, you use MOD Pour Foam; Ronix’s special sauce of an alternative core is ultra-stiff, lightweight and ultra Ronix.


  • Krypto Cable – It’s as deadly as it sounds, a blend of fibres that are interwoven to make an even stronger creation. Kryptonite… Don’t be ridiculous; this isn’t superman. However, it does surround the entire perimeter of the board and is fused to the core for stable construction. Add this to the outer laminates, and your edges are stronger than Supes himself.


  • Monocoque Construction - An outer glass wrap from the bottom to the top, so the flash line is switched out from the weakest point of the board to the strongest. It is also renowned as the most durable construction in wakeboarding.
  • Magic Carpet - Ronix are always sourcing new fibreglass materials trying to find that perfect blend that allows the perfect amount of resin to seep thru and set to their Magic Carpet


  • Sintered Base - Less Friction means more glide speed and carry into the wake.
  • Deep side channels for fins giving the board an easy release of the wake


  • 4x 1.0"  Fibreglass Ramp Fins & 4x 0.8" Utility Fins

Rider Level

  • Riding Ability: Advanced

Board Sizing

(132cm) - Up to 69Kgs

(136cm) - Up to 79Kgs

(139.5cm) -  Up to 85Kgs

(143cm) -  77Kgs and Up


  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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2021 Ronix Weekend Wakeboard

2021 Ronix Weekend Wakeboard