2019 Connelly Concept Womens Slalom Waterski

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The Connelly Concept is old faithful, almost everyone has skied on one and if you haven’t skied on one, ask your next door neighbour. Chances are they own one

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Product Info

The Connelly Concept is old faithful, almost everyone has skied on one and if you haven’t skied on one, ask your next door neighbour. Chances are they own one. A Closed Cell PU Core allows the Concept to be a stronger and more durable, while also staying more forgiving out of turns. With it’s traditional high end shape, the Concept still generates speed across the wake and thanks to it’s dual concave, feels powerful through a turn. Finished with a smooth speed base, the Concept will always feel fast when you want it, across the wake and pulling out of those turns. Thanks to the Concept you can now have a performance ski, with the feel of an entry level shape

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 182 x 20 x 15 cm


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Key Features


  • Flat Spot – Underneath your front foot gives you comfort and stability while also propping you up higher on a platform for control throughout your entire motion from cut to turn
  • Continuous Rocker – Through the tip and tail allows the ski to always provide a constant level of speed across the wash and allows for a smooth comfortable turn, drive through the wash, while still having the ability to easily keep that speed into your leading edge


  • Flex Rating(1=Soft, 10=Stiff) – 6/10
  • Performance Glass Flex Sequence – Works in tandem with the C.A.P.T tech, creating a unique flex profile that allows for plenty of forgiveness and flex across the wake, while stiffness in the guts provides maximum stability


  • Closed Cell PU Core – The most well known of core to waterski’s, with a tighter knit construction to reduce weight, while remaining durable, and providing a slightly softer feel meaning you can ski for longer, feeling less tired, while also getting more flex into turns and less rebound when crossing the wash


  • Fibreglass Laminates – The most forgiving top layer you can get, a simple fibreglass laminate allows the ski to provide a comfortable flex and smooth arcing turns


  • Variable Bevel – A sharper bevel through to the front binding of the ski that transitions to a round bevel in the tail, allows to provide lift and speed in the tip across the wash, while the tail provides suction for tight turns for the apex of your cut or around the buoy
  • X.C.A.P.T. (Xtreme Connelly Advanced Profile Technology) – The original profiled construction, allowing skis to reduce weight and specifically tailor a flex pattern to various points in the ski


  • Double Concave – Providing the best of both worlds, having a second concave inset of the outer concave gives the ski plenty of balance and stability thanks to it’s channeled water flow, while the outer concave allows for easy roll and lock into edges

Other Features:

  • Polished Speed Base – All about promoting greater water flow across the base of the ski to ultimately reduce drag
  • Slider Fin System
  • Made in the USA, cause Merica’


  • Riding Ability: Intermediate
  • Ski Type: Cross-Over
  • Ski Speeds: 30-34Mph


  • (64″) – Up to 72Kgs
  • (66″) – 72-90Kgs


  • Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
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