2019 HO Freeride w/ Freemax Boot

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The HO Freeride is built for the free spirits, we don’t all want to go try tear through a course. The Freeride is designed for slower speeds and big played out turns, wether the waters like butter or even that little bit of chop, you can run wild

2019 HO Freeride Youth Girls Slalom Waterski

The HO Freeride is built for the free spirits, we don't all want to go try tear through a course. The Freeride is designed for slower speeds and big played out turns, wether the waters like butter or even that little bit of chop, you can run wild


2019 HO FreeMax Womens Waterski Boot

When HO divided their range into segments, they did the same with their bindings, providing the FreeMax for their free skiing range, it is the perfect boot built for comfort and freedom, allowing for plenty of softness around the ankle for big laid out turns.


2019 HO FreeMax Womens Adjustable RTP Binding

The Adjustable RTP is everything you remember as a kids, sitting on a direct connect system in much the same as last year. Like HO's new front boot design, the adjustable RTP translates back with a TruFit last and a marshmallow foam inner for one of the most comfortable and fitted RTP's available on the market.

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Product Info

The HO Freeride continues, since it’s inception it’s taken the world by storm, forcing many changes within the waterski industry and it isn’t stopping. With it’s clean edge technology the Freeride was the first ski of it’s kind to be able to be skied comfortably at wakeboard boat speeds, though thanks to the carve rails incorporated into the design still have exceptional edge hold. With a combination of carve flex rails and a hybrid sidewall design, HO have allowed the Freeride to have plenty of control and support through your cut, while still being able to be dug in and give plenty of speed when you want it. Add in the surf inspired shark fin so you can ski in any conditions imaginable from morning butter to afternoon chop, you have one of the most versatile free ski’s at your disposal that will suit any level of skier.

The HO FreeMax is back after a successful year last year with the use of the new Direct Connect system, changing the way we ski forever the FreeMax continues to be a pinnacle of the range. Being HO’s entry level end open toe ski boot it comes with all of HO’s key features in a toned down scale, the FreeMax utilises the Direct Connect system, so you no longer need to worry about front and rear boots, but you now have the advantage of a TruFit last so you will have a perfect fitting boot the minute it leaves the box. This last combined with the new marshmallow foam inner and power laces for maximum comfort and the ultimate support, providing any skier with a comfortable ski boot of any level skier.

Key Features

Waterski Features


  • Elongated Flat Spot – An increased flat spot from the tip off your front foot to halfwat down the back provides the ultimate stability, you’ll never feel off balance or uncomfortable on a ski. And if you find yourself sitting to far back on a cut it will automatically pivot you back to centre Ever
  • Subtle Continuous Rocker – just enough rocker to give you all the confidence to cut for your life, complimenting the increased flat spot


  • Flex Rating(1=Soft, 10=Stiff) – 5/10
  • Freeride Flex – A softer overall flex pattern allowing for greater overall bend in the tip and tail, providing plenty of support in your turns and absorbing the impacts of choppy conditions.


  • PU Core – The most well known of core to waterski’s, it is a durable, slightly softer material meaning you can ski for longer and not feel as tired, while also getting more flex into turns and less rebound when crossing the wash


  • Fibreglass Laminates – The most forgiving top layer you can get, a simple fibreglass laminate allows the ski to provide a comfortable flex and smooth arcing turns


  • Wide Body Design – A wider profile ski is all about creating lift and stability. Aiming to drive the ski up and out of the water for easy deep water starts and stability with it’s wide platform underfoot.
  • Clean Edge Tail – a tapered edge from the bottom of your back foot to the tail, reduces the ski’s drag by around 50%
  • Hybrid Sidewall Design – A true sidewall for power into turns, with clean edge halfway down the ski to keep a smooth cut with constant speed across the wake, even at slower boat speeds


  • Flat Base – A Flat Centre Channel allows for directed water flow, creating stability and an ease to pivot into your leading edge at slower speeds
  • Carve Rails – Acts like a wakeboard rail, directing water along the edge to the tail and fin so you get unparalleled control in your edges

Other Features:

  • Speed Skin – A textured base which reduces drag, naturally increasing speed, while also reducing ski weight
  • Hex Fin – Airfoil inspired 3D fin, allows the ski to have greater handling at slower speeds and help get the ski into the edge


  • Riding Ability: Beginner
  • Ski Type: Free-Ski
  • Ski Speeds: 28-30Mph


  • (63″) – Up to 50Kgs
  • (65″) – 50-68Kgs


  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Boot Features

  • Direct Connect System, HO’s Newest and easiest boot system
  • TruFit Last for the perfect fit straight out of the box
  • Marshmallow Foam for one of the softest all round fits
  • Taller Cuff Height for added support and control
  • Power Bungee Laces for the feel of a classic rubber boot with unparalleled support
  • Power Lace Management for no loose laces
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