Slingshot In the Gunn
For the last few years in all our season previews, Aaron Gunn has constantly been earmarked as one of the up and comers in the cable scene, and even some of the boat scene. Long considered on the verge of a pro model courtesy of his board sponsor, Liquid Force with a constantly growing talent and trick bag, combined with a right time, right place scenario in which he exploded onto the cable scene. Aaron has been consistently overshadowed by riders who have been more well established in the industry, possibly being the spark that has caused his split with Liquid Force. Now riding for Slingshot, on one of the fastest growing wakeboard teams within the cable wakeboard industry, Aaron Gunn is not stopping short of making the most of opportunities. Slingshot is not simply a big up and coming brands, attempting to make bold statements with signing young talent, they are creators and innovators, setting out to change the game and play by their own rules and defying convention. Their attention to detail and their move to full wood cores reaps many benefits, their ability to alter stiffness throughout their range has also become paramount to their brand. It's these features key to Slingshot, that will provide a massive difference to Aaron, with his style of aggressive cable riding, Slingshot have definitely invested in the future, and it's very much a deal that will benefit both sides for many years to come. Look out in the future for when Slingshot start tying these juniors as they turn to pro's, linking their names to board models, because we will surely see the name Aaron Gunn attached to one sooner rather than later. Written By Jesse Chiminello