Like almost anything to do with wakeboarding, your boots are key and will ultimately decide how your day goes more than your board. Making sure you have the right boots to suit your needs is as easy as breaking down 3 main factors, these are incorporated into almost any boot so the information is applicable across every brand:


One of the most important factors when it comes to your boots is making sure you have the right flex to suit you and your needs. The flex of a boot can completely alter the way your board handles, so while they can be classified as soft for beginners and stiff for advanced riders, this still very much factors as a personal preference. If you prefer a boot that locks down your heel and has a tonne of response you will probably want some thing stiff. Alternatively if you want to get right into your grabs and tweak your tricks, you would look towards something a bit softer.

In a way boots factor in very much the same way as a pair of snowboard boots, stiffer creating more response and softer more manoeuvrability. Here at Skiforce we try to make things as easy as possible, so for a tailored experience check out each boot model which will have a rating out of Soft, Mid and Stiff to suit what you need.

Fit & Features

Most boot features vary between models as some will use different technologies to create comfort, stiffness and support. While these change one thing that won't is the fit, the last thing you want are a pair of boots that crush your foot. When it comes to fit there are a few factors to take into account which will affect it as some boots are designed to cover multiple foot sizes, allowing your buddy who's a size 8 to fit your size 10 boots. Other higher end boots are more tailored to your foot, with a more specific sizing you want these boots to sit firmly over your foot and have the ability to be heat molded, taking you on a trip to comfort town and keep you riding all day.

Wakeboard Boot Style

When it comes down to boot style, it can become very much a personal preference, you may like the feel of an open toe boot, or a beginner may want the comfort and support that comes with a high end boot. Below we will run through the main benefits and differences between the key 3 styles:

These guys are perfect for any beginner or a boat board that is going to have a whole heap of people using it. The advantage to open toe's is the wider size range, allowing for Uncle Sam's size 14 to fit in your cousin Joeys size 11 boots. Another benefit when it comes to open toe boots is if you've got young un' about to go through a growth spurt, you can get a little longer life out of them (mum and dad don't want to be buying a new pair every year you know).
When you're looking for a more personalised boot the closed toe boot is the way to go. These boots create a full closure over your foot, increasing the amount of control and leverage you can get over edges. This ultimately leads to great response time and guess what, they even keep your tootsies warm on those brisker days. Note though that closed toe boots are normally in the higher end range and can carry a higher price tag than the open to counterparts. Apparently that's the price of comfort and support.

System Bindings
System bindings are unique to Hyperlite and take their cues from the snowboard industry with an independent boot and binding. The advantages that come with this are a boot that is even more fitted and customised to you. The system binding also allows the pressure of leaning into edges to be dispersed across your leg rather than just your heel and toe.

Liquid Force 4D vs 6X Boots
The 4D and 6X baseplates are Liquid Force's signature mounting plates, though they are both designed with a specific intention. 6X baseplates are the traditional 6 inch baseplate that will suit any wakeboard regardless of brand and style. 4D baseplates on the other hand have a reduced 4 inch baseplate mount with angled mounting hardware. This limits the boards you can mount them on to only Liquid Force models with a Flex Track Mounting system (It's always a good idea to make sure to check your board is compatible with 4D boots before purchase!)