Considered one of the biggest events in waterskiing and attracting some of the biggest crowds to the banks of the yarra river, the Moomba Masters is the platform for one of the largest Waterski and Wakeboard competitions world wide. Not only does it display some of the greatest tricks and provide many new records, the Moomba Masters attracts some of the biggest names in the sports. This year features the biggest host of professional athletes yet, from Ronix's favourite son Danny Harf, to Liquid Force's world champion Harley Clifford, but the competition isn't just reserved for big name Wakeboarders, The Waterski division provides one of the fiercest competitions in recent history. HO waterskiers Will Asher and Jonathan Travers take on some of the greats in the likes of Andy Mapple, while the Woman's division pits Radar's Whitney McClintock against Nautique skiers Jacinta Carroll and Lucine Clementine. So just in time for competition here is the full list of competitors for the 2014 Moomba Masters! Wakeboarders: whitney_mcclintock_radar_moomba_slalom
  • Harley Clifford
  • Tony Iacconi
  • Dean Smith
  • Shota Tezuka
  • Steel Lafferty
  • Daniel Powers
  • JD O'Neill
  • Bob Soven
  • Danny Harf
  • Cory Tuenissen
  • Parker Siegele
1 Nate Smith USA 1 Pierre Ballon FRA 1 Freddy Krueger USA SUNDAY NIGHT
2 William Asher GBR 2 Jimmy Siemers USA 2 Ryan Dodd CAN 1 Freddy Krueger USA
3 Chris Parrish USA 3 Franck Desboyaux FRA 3 Scot Ellis USA 2 Ryan Dodd CAN
4 Jonathan Travers USA 4 Adam Sedlmajer CZE 4 Bojan Schipner GER 3 Scot Ellis USA
5 Frederick Winter GBR 5 Joshua Briant AUS 5 Igor Morozov RUS 4 Bojan Schipner GER
6 Aaron Larkin NZL 6 Russell Gay USA 6 Damien Sharman GBR
7 Carlo Allais ITA 7 Joel Wing AUS 7 Zack Worden USA SATURDAY NIGHT
8 Thomas Degasperi ITA 8 Ryan Green AUS 8 Jimmy Siemers USA 5 Igor Morozov RUS
9 Nicholas Adams AUS 9 Archie Davis AUS 9 Adam Sedlmajer CZE 6 Damien Sharman GBR
10 Adam Sedlmajer CZE 10 Nicholas Lang USA 10 Ryan Green AUS 7 Zack Worden USA
11 Brian Detrick USA 11 Alex King NZL 8 Jimmy Siemers USA
12 Joel Howley AUS 12 Joel Wing AUS
13 Austin Abel USA 13 Taylor Garcia USA FRIDAY NIGHT
14 Tom Brantley USA 14 Gavin McMillan AUS SERIES 1
15 Brooks Wilson USA 15 Joshua Briant AUS 9 Adam Sedlmajer CZE
16 Joel Wing AUS 16 Ryan Balwin NZL 10 Ryan Green AUS
17 Eamon Van Der Merwe RSA 17 Nicholas Lang USA 11 Alex King NZL
18 Taylor Garcia USA 18 Jason Miller AUS 12 Joel Wing AUS
19 Craig Jeude AUS 19 Joshua Louder AUS SERIES 2
20 Joshua Briant AUS 20 Tim Martin AUS 13 Gavin McMillan AUS
21 Jurgen Schweigert GER 21 Christopher Eller USA 14 Ryan Balwin NZL
22 Gavin McMillan AUS 22 Tyce Zendler AUS 15 Jason Miller AUS
23 Alex King NZL 23 Joshua Wallent AUS 16 Joshua Louder AUS
24 Jason Miller AUS 24 Archie Davis AUS
25 Nicholas Lang USA 25 Craig Jeude AUS
26 Tyce Zendler AUS 26 Ryan Carmichael AUS
27 Andy Maple GBR
1 Whitney Mcclintock CAN 1 Erika Lang USA 1 Natallia Berdnikava BLR SUNDAY NIGHT
2 Manon Costard FRA 2 Natallia Berdnikava BLR 2 Jacinta Carroll AUS 1 Natallia Berdnikava BLR
3 April Coble Eller USA 3 Clementine Lucine FRA 3 Marion Mathieu FRA 2 Jacinta Carroll AUS
4 Clementine Lucine FRA 4 Alex Lauretano USA 4 Alex Lauretano USA 3 Marion Mathieu FRA
5 Breanne Dodd CAN 5 Whitney Mcclintock CAN 5 Jutta Lammi FIN 4 Alex Lauretano USA
6 Emma Sheers AUS 6 Michale Briant AUS 6 Lauren Morgan USA
7 Geena Krueger CAN 7 Marion Mathieu FRA 7 Nancy Chardin FRA SATURDAY NIGHT
8 Makayla Haw USA 8 Anna Gay USA 8 Whitney Mcclintock CAN 5 Jutta Lammi FIN
9 Anais Amade FRA 9 Nancy Chardin FRA 9 Manon Costard FRA 6 Lauren Morgan USA
10 Bailey Austin USA 10 Cristina De Medrano ESP 10 Stephanie Griffiths AUS 7 Nancy Chardin FRA
11 Vennesa Leopold AUS 11 Cathryn Humphrey AUS 11 Erika Lang USA 8 Whitney Mcclintock CAN
12 Marion Mathieu FRA 12 Jacinta Carroll AUS 12 Jenna Morgan USA
13 Lauren Morgan USA 13 Bianca Mulach GER
14 Michale Briant AUS 14 Aaliyah Yoong-Hanifah MAS
15 Erika Lang USA 15 Katelyn Miller AUS
16 Cathryn Humphrey AUS 16 Tayla Simmonds AUS
17 Alex Lauretano USA
18 Jacinta Carroll AUS
19 Jenna Morgan USA
20 Stephanie Griffiths AUS
21 Teagan Burns AUS
22 Katelyn Miller AUS
23 Jayme Gray AUS
24 Chelsea Scott AUS
25 Casey Wooderson AUS

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