54th Annual Moomba Masters Finals Results

After some heated competition and some considerable upsets, the 54th annual Moomba Masters is done for 2014, with some events going to plan while others suffered shock eliminations. Whitney McClintock managed to go back to back in the woman's slalom on the all new Radar Vapor, while there was a shock elimination for Nautique athlete Chris Parrish who was eliminated after missing an exit gate, leaving the field open for the top 3 spots. Both Men's and Woman's Jump Finals went how most expected with world champions and record holders, Freddy Krueger and Jacinta Carroll both taking 1st in their respective divisions. In a tight race to the finish the Wakeboard division finished with 2 Australians on the podium while Danny Harf wrapped up the podium in 3rd. For all podium positions keep scrolling


Woman's Trick Final:
  1. Erika Lang (United States)(Waterski's)
  2. Natalia Berdnikava (Belarus) (Waterski's)
  3. Whitney McClintock (Canada)(Radar Waterski's)
Men's Trick Final:
  1. Josh Briant (Australia)(J0be Waterski's)
  2. Jimmy Siemers (United States)(Jobe Waterski's)
  3. Pierre Ballon (France)(Reflex Waterski's)
Woman's Slalom Final:
  1. Whitney McClintock (Canada)(Radar Waterski's)
  2. Emma Sheers (Australia) (Goode Waterski's)
  3. April Coble Eller (United States)(HO Wateraki's)
Men's Slalom Final:
  1. Thomas Degasperi (Italy)(Goode Waterski's)
  2. Aaron Larkin (New Zealand)(Radar Waterski's)
  3. Brian Detrick (United States)(HO Waterski's)
Woman's Jump Final:
  1. Jacinta Carroll (Australia)(Stokes Waterski's)
  2. Natalia Berdnikava (Belarus)(Waterski's)
  3. Marion Mathieu (France)(Goodman Waterski's)
Men's Jump Final:
  1. Freddy Krueger (United States)(D3 Waterski's)
  2. Bojan Schipner (Germany)(Stokes Waterski's)
  3. Zack Worden (United States)(Unknown)
Wakeboard Finals:
  1. Harley Clifford (Australia)(Liquid Force Wakeboard's)
  2. Tony Iacconi (Australia)(CWB Wakeboard's)
  3. Danny Harf (United States)(Ronix Wakeboard's)

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