Ronix 2018/19 Season Preview
We missed these last year, but we're bringing back the season range guessing game. Ronix 2018/19 is going to be the first cab off the rank. For those who don't know how this works, we analyse the past ranges and hype behind models, in an attempt to guestimate what boards are on the chopping block and how many new boards we can expect. So with that said, let's get the ball rolling. Based on 2018 models and hype, we had a few new models and some updates of some classics {(Ronix One) If I ever write that the Ronix One name is going to disappear, feel free to comment and say I'm a liar). We also saw the end of the Bandwagon/Space Blanket series, shrinking the small Camber range from 3 boards to 2, One Men's, One Women's. Of the new models it was hard to miss the dark and stormy looks of the Darkside, bringing Ronix's intelligent core back into the fold. The women's and kids range, built off a strong 2016/17 range, keeping all the same shapes but introducing some strong graphics. What does all this mean for next year? On average most shapes from intermediate ranges up have a 3 year life expectancy before being replaced, with the exception of but a few. With that said, the boards that will be staying put based on the past, will be the "One" (Duh...), The Darkside (1 year in and we've only heard great feedback for an aggressive board). The District is safe as houses as it has always been, while the Vault will most likely stay the same (Don't try to reinvent the wheel). This leaves 2 models in the gun, the Parks and the Happy Hour. Now i know what your going to say, " You just said boards have a 3 year lifespan at least". And yes this is true.... most of the time. I believe the Happy Hour to be the exception to the rule, this isn't to say there won't be a board similar. We should expect a shape that takes certain elements of the Happy Hour shape and develops into something new, Continuous rocker boards aren't going anywhere yet. Lastly, the Parks, the name isn't going anywhere, but the shape is. After 5 years and 5 models, this is potentially the season we see the Camber experiment come to and end. Does this mean it was a failure? of course not, if we never experimented, nothing would ever evolve. So the Parks name gets tied to a whole new model, whether it be a 3-stage, continuous or some form of hybrid (who knows what Paul O'Brien and his team are cooking up), time will tell. The Women's range, being smaller to start with means we don't need to we don't need to do a whole heap of guessing. Providing The Vault and District aren't going through any changes, it naturally means we shouldn't expect anything to change from the Krush and Quarter til Midnight. Where things start to be altered will be at the top of the range. The Limelight as we know it will be no more, keeping in line with the end of the Camber era, the harder question is what replaces this board. We could expect a women's version of either of the expected new mens boards, either the happy hour or parks replacement, this would most likely be the route I would expect Ronix to go down. For Kids, don't expect any changes at all because they are all tied to the Vault, Krush and District all of which are safe. So now we're left with cable wakeboards, and truth be told anyones guess with this is as good as mine, but i'll give it a shot anyway. There were a host of new boards last year, we can anticipate that they are safe. Kinetik: Springbox 2, Highlife: FLexbox 2, Top Knotch: Nu Core 2.0 and Springbreak: Nu Core 2.0, all safe as houses, bet your mortgage on it that come October they'll still be in the range. I can't see a year full of cable innovations being overhauled within a year. As for the Press Play, this is the cable version of the Vault and isn't going to change. That leaves 2 models at the top of the table ripe for change, the Kinetik: Flexbox 1 and the Julia Rick: Flexbox 2. Whether this is a complete overhaul or minor alterations is hard to say, but they are the prime candidates to get an injection of Ronix innovation. Still with me? We're almost there, don't give up on me yet, cause we're going to quickly cast our eye over the wakesurfers. I promise i'll keep it short. Safe: Hex Shell Thruster, Carbon Aircore 3: Skimmer (One of our boys jumped on these and never gave it back), Koal Powerfish+, Potbelly Rocket & Cruiser. Potential for a facelift: Hex Shell: The Blender (I personally hope not, this is up there as one of my personal favourites), Koal Lunatic+, Koal Fish and Marshmellow Thrasher. and finally the 3 Strikes your outta here: Koal Powertail+, Koal Thumbtail+ (The Koal Powerfish has really taken this market and almost had me put the Koal Classic in this column), Modello Stub Fish & Fish Skim (You get over riding compression molded wakesurfers in about a weekend and Ronix have realised this). That's it we made it, all the important stuff you want to know and need on Ronix to keep your thirst quenched till next season. What did you think? Did i miss anything, think anything was wrong or hit the nail on the head? Let me know in the comments    

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