Season Previews: We Do It For The Love
The beauty of doing these previews is the guess work that goes into it and the analysis breakdown. Though sometimes i wonder whether we predict these things way to early. Considering we're still months away from even seeing any hard proof, not to mention even further away from warm weather. But since i spent 3 weeks prior to the NFL draft listening to every mock i get could get my hands on, i've realised that it's never to early to start guessing, particularly when it's estimated. Are my previews perfect? Of course not. This isn't an exact science, but they are based off running trends from companies, the age of certain shapes and models and finally a few little slip ups and tidbits from industry sources, who have mentioned changes in passing conversations after a couple of beers and then a few more. The other enjoyment that comes with these posts, is that no one in our industry looks ahead. In an age of digital media and a high demand for what the next big development or evolution will be, the waterski and wakeboard industry produces less content and information than we have at any point in our history. Where we once had an abundance of articles and magazines to read, we are now down to 4, none of which provide a tangible print magazine in the U.S. and only Union to provide print in Australia. Being a communication designer first and foremost, it is a sad thing to realise, but unfortunately like all things, they eventually come to an end. As they say in sports terms, father time is undefeated. But as access to content becomes smaller, we strive to do our part to fill part of the void. And so we hope you enjoy our previews over the coming weeks, that the thought of summer will make the winter months feel that little bit warmer. By Jesse Chiminello Ronix Preview: June 12th Liquid Force Preview: June 19th HO Ski's Preview:July 3rd O'Brien Preview: July 10th Hyperlite Preview: July 17th Radar Preview: July 24th Slingshot Preview: July 31st Connelly Preview: August 7th First Images Come Through: Sometime in August, they keep bringing these things forward

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