Radar Skis: 2024 Season Pre Order is Open!

It's a big year in 2024 for Radar Skis with big updates through the mid and top range of their range. This change is a a step in a different direction for Radar, balancing the speed that has become a staple of Radar and balancing it with greater and tighter turning capabilities than any previous iteration has had 

{TL/DR: Brand new shapes for both the Vapor and Senate range}

In both the Vapor and Senate shape the same concept as previous years shine through in the Senate shape being 2/10 of an inch wider than the Vapor, but maintaining many of the same properties. Where the changes come is in the sidewall height, and adjustment in the rockerline, giving it the feel of a larger flat spot and an updated edge bevel. All of this works together to maintain the classic speed but allow the ski to sit tighter and load up earlier in the turn to give better hold and balance than any Vapor and Senate before, meaning you get less tail blowouts while getting through turns faster and more efficiently.

While it doesn't sound like much, this would make the Radar range for 2024 as one of the most advanced range they've ever released. While the rest of the range in the Unions and Sessions, keep the same shape that are incredibly suited to slower speed and helping learn and feel comfortable on the water.

Head here to see the 2024 Radar Skis Collection