Ronix: 2024 Season Pre Order is Open!

With the new season creeping ever closer, it's finally the time of the year when we get to lay our eyes on all the new gear and graphics. First cab of the rank this year is Ronix, dropping the full range of boards, boots, surfers, foils and more nice and early for you to work out what you want for the season.

{TL/DR: New RXT shape, New One: Legacy replacing Timebomb. High end boots come in all new colours. 2 new skim wakesurfers, the High Voltage: Beaux Skimmer with only the best materials, plus a Carbon Blunt Nose Skimmer in the Carbon Type 8:12 and a new high end surf style, the Flyweight Pro: DNA with all new fins for improved power on edge. New high end foil with a true foil board design in the Mod84 and all carbon Shadow Foil setups.}

So what's new? Well, have Ronix got some treats for us. An updated RXT shape with give you cleaner release off the wake, while a new One model is now in the lineup, with the One: Legacy replacing the timebomb, giving you the tradiotnal explosive pop, but now with a more forgiving landing and flex. On the colour front, both new boards plus the One: Blackout, Supreme and Rise all get new graphics in the boat range, while in the cable range, a brand new board the Utopia replaces the Flexbox 1 as the new premier feature slayer of the Ronix lineup, while the Springbox 2 and Atmos also get a skin change.

For boots, when something is already insanely comfy, you probably don't need to try and reinvent the wheel, so the high end closed toes have all got some pretty colour upgrades to match back to their board counterparts.

In wakesurfers we have a whole listerine bottle of freshness coming at you with more than a handful of new boards to compliment the carryover range. 2 new skimmers are rounding out the top of the line, with an all new pro level shape, the High Voltage: Beaux Skimmer, that uses as much top end materials as possible to enhance performance, plus a a blunt nose carbon skimmer in the Carbon Type 8:12 Skimmer to offer an incredibly versatile shape. Down into the surf styles, we have mostly carryover, bar the all new Flyweight Pro: DNA, and what makes this board so special isn't just its high powered shape that has plenty of forward momentum and is built to boost airs, but also Ronix's new fin design, with a flow-through aspect to the fin which allows water to pass through, you get more punch out of your turns and even better straight line speed.

Finally in the world of foils there is an all new Foil specific, short size, high end foil board with plenty of buoyancy, and no worry of catching the nose like a longer board, to pair with this, there is also now a complete carbon kit from mast to wings and a high aspect front wing which is designed to give you unmatched speed compared to the Balance wings.

While there is a lot of carry over designs and shapes, Ronix have done an incredible job of keeping true to their nature and constantly evolving from what has come before for an amazing 2024 collection!

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