2015 saw Ronix Wakeboards have a massive year in Australia, the tireless work that isn't only done by the guys in the spotlight, with names like Danny Harf, Dean Smith as well as Moomba Masters runner up Shota Tezuka, but also the guys behind the doors such as Paul O'Brien and Chris Sullivan, Ronix has been well and truly in it's prime for the better part of this season. While Ronix isn't necessarily a brand new company, having only started late in 2005 it has steadily risen through the ranks of some of the biggest pioneers in the wakeboard industry, while for Victoria it has equalled and surpassed the likes of Hyperlite and Liquid Force as a wakeboarding powerhouse. Their commitment to innovation of the sport has created some of the most exciting technology to date, no wakeboard has been more talked about or more known throughout the industry than Danny Harf's One pro model which has been a mainstay in Ronix's range in multiple reincarnations since 2007, with it's most recent update coming this season and continuing to please as it always has. In the 2013/14 season we saw the inception of camber wakeboards, creating a consistent yet explosive pop that continues through Parks Bonifays pro model, as well as the newer Bandwagon and has also transitioned into the women's range, taking wakeboarding to new heights with a simple rocker tweak that was so simple that other brands should be shattered they hadn't thought of it before. Then there was the addition of the Intelligent core, some boards have polyurethane cores, some have a carbon stringer or 2 while others utilise timber cores. The masterminds down at Ronix created a concoction of all of them that didn't simply have a bit of everything stuffed in together, but made it coherent and gave each aspect of the core a role to develop how the wakeboard rode, polyurethane through the outer rails to remain stiff, wood through the centre to absorb pressure and soften landing, and carbon stringers to provide energy and maximum pop out of the boards, a core that has it all, some would say thats pretty intelligent. Turning to their boots they have worked closely with intuition liners, to create a liner that isn't just heat moldable but also one of the most comfortable and supportive boot systems around. New for the 2014/15 current season Ronix took the idea of the traditional boot and started fresh with an eye for the future, creating what is now known as brain frame technology. Ronix developed the Brainframe concept from the idea of a boot system built around interchangeable parts and an integrated frame, where each part plays it's own roll in the structure of the boot. The advantages? no stitching through the baseplate, but in future complete control over each aspect of your boot. Like the footbed of a Ronix One boot but want some extra stiffness, just add some code-55, maybe your heading to the cable park and want to soften it, throw a little bit of the Parks boot into the mix, the possibilities of what this system has for wakeboarding are endless, and open up a whole new playground for keen wakeboarders who want to be super tech with their equipment. It's this push for continuous innovation from new brands that have boosted the wakeboard industry to new heights and helps the sport of wakeboarding become a larger presence on the world stage. For Ronix the innovation isn't just a perk it has become ingrained in the fabric of the brand, an integral part of what they stand for and how the gears turn, for all involved in the sport of wakeboarding it has been a breath of fresh air for development as well as a bulldozer through the industry that shows no sign of slowing.  

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