Skiforce Australia Melbourne's newest Centurion Boat Dealer, for all information head over to our mega store located at 392 Plenty Rd Preston, Victoria Australia, and speak to one of our friendly staff. Skiforce is proud to announce that it has acquired Centurion Boats as a new brand to add to our extensive range of products, while continuing to provide our customers with not only a choice in what they purchase, but to provide a large variety of products of the highest quality. Centurion is now the 5th brand to come under the Skiforce dealer banner sitting alongside Nautique one of the most prestigious brands in the wakeboard and waterski world, Supreme Boats, high quality family and wakeboard boats to suit all your needs, as well as Sylvan and Sunchaser Pontoon Boats. Centurion offer an extensive range of products starting with their ski model the Carbon Pro, ski boat of choice of pro skier Brian Detrick and Nick Parsons, a no fuss, tournament style ski boat built for skiers, by skiers, featuring an industry innovation gun sight for perfect course towing. Following this is the perfect blend of weight distribution and hull design to produce 21 feet of wakeboarding perfection with the Enzo SS210, generated from the idea of the Enzo SV233 and SV244 in a smaller package, the SS210 provides the perfect family wakeboard boat. Finally is the performance luxury range counting for Centurions boat range of 22 feet and up, featuring the larger versions of the SS210, the SV233 and SV244, as well as choice of boat for professional wake surfers, Keenan Flegel, Raleigh Hager, and Ashley Kidd, the the Enzo FS44. The Enzo FS244 is 24' of pure wake surf bliss, built with Centurions signature hammerhead bow design, ramfill ballast and the largest ballast tanks at their disposal, the FS44 provides 100% natural displacement for one of the best wake surf waves in the industry, further proving itself as the right choice as the official tow boat for the world wake surfing championships. Centurion is a massive addition to Skiforce and we look forward to continue to provide our customer with the best options available, as well as the newest in technology as shown through Centurions rapid advancements, from the quickest filling ballast system in the world, the Ramfill Ballast, system to the simplicity of the Gun Sight to provide unparraleled driving experience for 3 event tow boat drivers, Centurion will provide all you could need in a tournament style boat.


Sergio Derose

Sergio Derose

Can I please have a price on the
Ri 265 centurion


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