The internet can be a wonderful thing sometimes, who cares about the naysayers who parade around in front of cameras hailing that it will bring chaos to the world, people used to say that about cars, the large hadron collider, but guess what for the most part we're all still here. But getting back on topic the internet is a wonderful thing because sometimes we can stumble across little bits of goodness that somehow seep through the cracks and make their way out into the wide world of the web. This week it just happened to be the 2015/16 Jetpilot Jackets range and boy does it look like Jetpilot are going all out this year, with jacket updates, new models it's looking like they're really pushing the boundaries of what the future of jacket design will be, but enough out of me hit the link below to check out the range: What did you think, the good, bad and the ugly? we want to know drop us your thoughts in the comments section about what you liked and didn't like, that is providing you didn't like anything, we found it hard to pick a fault. Skiforce is Australia's number one pro shop for all you Waterski and Wakeboard Needs Written by Tony Stark

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