byerly season preview One of the most talked about brands in wakeboarding almost since its inception, is the brainchild of the godfather of wakeboarding, Scott Byerly and Byerly Wakeboards, starting out thanks to Scott's relationship with Hyperlite allowing them to utilise some of their processes, Byerly in the past few seasons has grown into a powerhouse. The current team of riders boasts a list of some of the most groundbreaking and stylish riders in the industry, and it doesn't stop their with board shapes and designs blowing minds across the world, a few years ago we saw the roster develop, with the likes of Aussie Brenton Priestley, Canadian sensation Aaron Rathy and some younger kids such as Cody Hesse join in. This list of riders is what Byerly is all about and without them, it would be hard to see Byerly boasting the range it does at this moment, so as much with not a lot changing last year other than the introduction of the Felix, let's have a look at what could be on the horizon for one of the biggest growing brands in the world. I can keep this short and sweet because there is only a men's range and we will start with the BP, Brenton Priestley's creation is impossible to keep on shelves, you would be hard pressed to find other boards in as high demand as his, and as such the shape is still changing the landscape of both boat and cable wakeboarding, so safe to say it's here to stay. One board we can guarantee we will see a new board of is an Aaron Rathy pro model, why? because he said it himself, out with Scott 'Butch' Bouchard shaping his all new pro model that we can call the AR1.5 for now i guess, with a shape that was stiff and smooth, he may add a touch more aggression for this coming model. What Byerly lacked this past season was a stepping stone from their Monarch to their pro boards, so looking towards the rest of the boat range i wouldn't expect much to change in the base model front with the Monarch, possibly some minor changes, but expect a model to come into the range between providing 4 boards in the boat range, much like the Byerly Blunt used to. For Cable the only board of last season was the Felix, and don't expect that to change in a hurry. Biyearly was founded around boat riding and is possibly the only brand bucking the trend of investing heavily in cable designed boards, and so far it has worked for them. So that is that all tied up in a neat little bow, i told you it would be short and sweet, guaranteed we will see one new board from the boys at Byerly with a possibility for a second, now we get to play the waiting game until September 10th when we get to see what we will receive for this coming season. Written by Reed Richards

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