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2021 Radar Vapor Lithium w/ Vector Boa + ARTP - Pre Order


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The Radar Vapor Lithium waterski is everything it has always been but in Radar's ever evolving nature it also continues to be so much more. An adjusted continuous rockerline on the Vapor uses a decreased rocker spot under the front foot, into a traditional continuous rocker throughout the rest of the ski. This provides the skier with that speed that everyone knows and loves with the Vapor, but makes it more predictable to handle, increases the ability to increase the angle of your turns as well as generate speed earlier out of the turn. Increased depth in the concave throughout the entire ski, provides increased lift in the tail and increased support in the turn, reducing tail blowouts. Another addition was CorFlex, a rippled tip that creates both an impact absorption point and a loading point at the top of your cut to help pivot out of turns. Topping all of this off is its traditional core construction with a PVC core and a 100% carbon laminating, allowing the ski to remain stiff and pull out of turns quick, while keeping light underfoot, providing the ultimate performance ski.  And just when you thought there couldn't be anymore, Radar cap it all off with an enduro tip & tail, which make the ski stronger while also providing a cleaner release of water off the tail.

The Vector BOA is Radar's high end open toe boot with a twist. Still being built upon both comfort and response, but with an added BOA coiler for the bottom lace, giving you unparalleled power over how your boot tightens. Response flows from the Carbitex taping along the boot to give more feel to the Vector boot than ever before. Keeping the symmetrical footbed so anyone can still use the ski, though having the combination lacing for convenience, as well as a feather frame chassis and medium density footbed, to allow for that true feel and response from your ski.

Waterski Features


  • Continuous Rocker - A singular long continuous rockerline provides a considerably more stable and forgiving feel in transitions from edge to edge in the build up to the apex of your cut, while without a flat spot, there is no longer a pivot point allowing for reduced sticking points and allows for consistency and comfort both on your on and offside
  • Reduced Rocker Under Front Foot - Increased the sweet spot providing a more predictable feel from your ski, providing greater drive through the ski and increased hold and angle in turns


  • Flex Rating(1=Soft, 10=Stiff) - 9/10


  • PVC Core - A tried and true core material that has proved itself on the top end ski's for years, a high quality material that is lighter and stiffer than it's PU counterpart creating greater feel and response in your ski.


  • Spread Toe Carbon - A traditional carbon laminate layer that is tried and proven, adds a snappy element to your ski, driving response through your cut and turns
  • Race Base - A base laminate that increases speed and allows it to be carried into the turn


  • Hybrid Bevel - This blended bevel allows for greater ability to lean into turns for more angle, while providing greater deceleration into the turn and a tighter radius at the top of you cut
  • Wider For-body - an increase in width in the for-body of the ski not only creates a stability, but also allows you to stand over the top of the ski with more confidence before heading into your turns
  • Added Tail Width - Allows the ski to sit more level on edge and carry greater speeds


  • Full Edge to Edge Concave - a full concave throughout the whole width of the ski, creates a fluid motion and greatly supports your cut, giving you the ability to solely focus on where you want to place the ski
  • Depth - Increased depth throughout the entire length of the ski, creates more lift and support, while also adding greater volume, this in turn translates to greater push on the outer bevels of the ski and an easier ability to pivot into your edges and a tighter turn radius

Other Features:

  • Enduro Tip & Tail -  An ABS capping that provides greater grip and a cleaner water release off the ski, while being incredibly durable
  • CorFlex - A rippled effect through the tip of the ski, being drawn from the flexbox wakeboard properties, creating a absorption point at the first point of contact with the ski and a load point at the highest point of you cut
  • Switchblade Adjustable Fin
  • Tru-Line Boot and Fin Inserts


  • Riding Ability: Advanced
  • Ski Type: Tournament
  • Ski Speeds: 30-36Mph


  • (63.5") - 38-54 Kgs
  • (65") - 49-65 Kgs
  • (66") - 56-81 Kgs
  • (67") - 73-91 Kgs
  • (68") - 82-100 Kgs
  • (69.5") - 90Kgs +


  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

    Boot Features


    • Mid-Stiff Flex

    Liner & Lacing

    • Symmetrical Footbed - Whether your left or right foot forward, you will be able to have increased comfort
    • Medium Density Footbed - Provides increased response and comfort
    • BOA lower lace
    • Bungee Top Lace
    • Wrap Tech Level 3


    • Feather Frame Chassis - Reduces Weight and creates a more natural flex in line with the ski

      Additional Features

      • Single 3D Molded Tongue
      • Stitch Lines to stop delamination


      • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
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        2021 Radar Vapor Lithium w/ Vector Boa + ARTP - Pre Order

        2021 Radar Vapor Lithium w/ Vector Boa + ARTP - Pre Order