Connelly Ski's 2018/19 Season Preview
Connelly have been on the slow comeback trail, while they haven't been continuously changing the landscape of waterskiing, they have produced a solid line of both new and updated shapes over the past few seasons. From the incorporation of the Concept shape in both a men's and women's provided a stepping stone, as well as a great ski for mum and dad who wanted a ski with a traditional feel. For the guys who wanted to push it that little bit harder, they developed the V range, performance with some extra width for comfort. If you really want to go at it and run the course, one of the most underated tournament ski's has been right under your nose for the last 3 years in the GT. Connelly have been providing a great selection of ski's despite putting more time between model changes. And we didn't even get into their wider body range. With 2018/19 range releases creeping ever closer though, what are Connelly going to provide going forward? With their past, it could most likely be much of the same. The range that i have mentioned above has continued to push strong numbers for them, meaning they may be content with where they sit. They believe in the GT as a tournament ski that can hold it's own against the likes of Syndicate Pro's, Vapor Probuild's and D3 NRG's. This has been proven time and again by Joel Howley, who has consistently pushed buoys on the 10.25 line. Doesn't that speak more the skier you may ask? Possibly, but Joel swears by it, so i'm definitely inclined to take his word for it, but in a world of progression, it doesn't mean we can't see small changes. The V range, consisting of the standard V and the Carbon V, has been sworn by some of our good customers as the best ski they have ski'd on in a long time. They can still run the course on it and it handles great in the open water, what is there to argue with that. As for the Concept, well I don't think that will ever disappear, as much as something new in that slot would be welcome, to many people like it for it's traditional feel as i previously mentioned. Then we step into their big boy ski's and they definitely aren't going anywhere, simply because no one else makes anything like them. The Outlaw Big Daddy and Aspect rangem all suit that wide body, deep start style of ski. While the Bid Daddy will only do light mellow turns, it will get anyone out of the water, big or small, young and old. The Outlaw suits a similar range and almost clashes with the Aspect, apart from it's cheaper construction, this could eventually disappear given time. The Aspect was brought in to combat the likes of the Freeride and Butterknife and does a valiant effort, it's biggest flaw is it's large surface area in the tip. This helps nail the easy up part of learning to ski, but allows skiers to outgrow the ski to fast, meaning it could do with an overhaul. Can we expect it though? Maybe, but i don't think we will. So I know we didn't really provide any information on changes and really just did an overview of their range, but we do provide reason. While I think Connelly will need to look at updating some things after this coming season, they do have a strong range of ski's that cover almost all bases. Have you got one of these ski's? ↓↓↓ If so give us your feedback on it in the comments below ↓↓↓

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